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A State of Mind - Sides
Due to time restraints, please note that you will only be able to read for ONE character.  You will be considered for other characters based on your audition.  We look forward to seeing you soon.

Characters:  Darius/Shantell

Character:  Raymond Thomas/Young Darius

Character:  Keisha Thomas

ASOM Keisha Thomas.pdf (PDF — 187 KB)

Character:  Fred, Poncho, Mikey

Character:  Rick Parsons

ASOM Rick Parson.docx.pdf (PDF — 184 KB)

Character:  Dr Franz/Dr Kates

Character:  Ms. Jones
ASOM Ms. Jones.pdf (PDF — 176 KB)

Character:  Preacher

ASOM Preacher.pdf (PDF — 167 KB)

Character:  Drunk Fan

ASOM drunk fan.pdf (PDF — 174 KB)

Character:  Receptionist

ASOM receptionist.pdf (PDF — 161 KB)

Character - Sports Announcer


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