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Johnny Swirl Presents ‘Single & Ready’
Now Casting

Single & Readyis the brand new series from the producers of the urban classic ‘Swing Lowe Sweet Chariotte’ and hit series; ‘Heights Girl’ and ‘Wine & Gossip’.
At the urging of her best friend, recently heartbroken Latanya is searching for love online. She goes on date after date looking for Mr. Right but it turns out to be more than she bargained for! A new interracial dating dramedy from Swirl Network.TV!

Friday, August 31, 2018
6:00pm to 9:00pm
HobbsStyle Casting Office
26250 Euclid Avenue, #211 (In the Euclid Medical/Office Plaza)
Euclid, OH  44132
Email for an appointment time:, place desired role in the subject line.  You will only be able to read for one role, however you will be considered for others based on your audition.
This is a non-union production. Most roles receive pay and/or stipend.

**MUST HAVE AVAILABILITY TO FILM SEPT 15th, 16th, 22nd and 23**

Character Descriptions
Latanya Lockhart (Lead): African-American female, early 30’s.
Tamika Matthews (Supporting): African-American female, early 30’s.
Lance: White male, late 20’s, artist-type.
Jason: White male, early 40’s, heavyset.
Gregg: White male, late 30’s, tall, handsome.
Charleston: African-American male, 30’s, handsome.
Brandon: White male, 30's, bald and clean-shaven.
Day Player: Open ethnicity male, 20's to 60’s


“Looking for actors for commercial project"

Rush Call - Looking for actors for commercial client
Looking for actors for commercial client. Paid. Non-union.

Must be available this Monday, May 14, 2018 between 8am to 6pm for up to 4 hours. Filming on Cleveland's west side.

Characters needed:
*Store clerk - female, open ethnicity, late 20s to early 30s
*Tenant – male, open ethnicity, young and hip, late 20’s to early 30s
*Businessman –male, open ethnicity, late 30s to early 40s
*Lost child – female, open ethnicity, ages 10 to 14

Send recent headshot, height, weight and contact info to for details.  Place 'West Side Commercial' in the subject line.

All Roles for This Project Have Been FILLED --  “Hey, Mr. Postman!”, a feature film by BerryGood Films

When Brian Lincoln loses his job, he gets a hook up at the post office where he learns just how challenging being the local mailman can be!  In addition to all the crazy situations he ends up in, he unwittingly finds himself in the middle of a missing person investigation for which he may be the key to solving it all.
This hilarious comedy, brought to you by writer Brian Berry of BerryGood Films and directed by Mike Berry of Skip Thomas Productions will take you on a wild ride of unforgettable characters, twists and turns!

Wednesday, June28, 2017
7:00pm to 9:00pm
HobbsStyle Casting Office
26250 Euclid Avenue, #211 (In the Euclid Medical/Office Plaza)
Euclid, OH  44132

Check for sides one week prior.

Email for an appointment time:, place desired role in the subject line.  You will only be able to read for one role, however you will be considered for others based on your audition.

This is a non-union production. All roles will receive IMDB/Screen credit and craft services. Most roles are paid unless otherwise advised.

Brian’s Friends and Family:
Ma – Age 50s-60s. African American, female.  The mother of the main character, 
Brian.  She is strong willed and faith filled.

Lil Tre – Age 20s, African American, male.  He is the comedic friend of the main character, Brian.

Chris – Age 30s – 40s, Open Ethnicity male.  He is the main character’s level headed, confident friend.
Neighborhood characters:
Tyronne – Age 45+. African American, male.  Always appears stressed out.  Has clear mental issues but everyone accepts his weird behavior which includes wearing a fur coat and shorts in the summer. 

Levelle – Age 30s to 40s. Open ethnicity, male.  Has feminine tendencies. Very animated.  Always flirts with the main character.

Lil Carlos – Pre-teen.  African American, male.  Menace in the neighborhood.  Always pulling pranks.

Alliyah – Teenager in high school.  African American, female.  She goes missing and her family members are desperate to find her

JoVanne – Age 30s.  Latina American, female.  Attractive and athletic.  The main character pursues her as a love interest only to find out she is dating the neighborhood bully.

Peaches – Age 50s. Open ethnicity, female.  She is an overly aggressive cougar and she has her sights set on the main character.

Ms. Benham – Age 50s – 60s.   African American, female.  Sweet older lady that is always willing to offer a cool drink and pleasantries to anyone she meets. 

Shan – Age 20s. African American, female.  Cool, hometown girl that gets along with everyone.
Post Office crew:
Lisa – Early 30s. White,  female.  Cute and confident.  New at the post office.

Frank Crawford – Age 40s. White, male.  Post office instructor. Takes his job very seriously.

Harry Cocks – Age 20s to 30s.  Open ethnicity, male.  He is a post office trainee along with the main character.  He is very competitive and a teacher’s pet.

Crazy Dave – Age 30s to 40s.  White, male.  Ex marine that acts like he is still in an active war.
Miscellaneous roles (speaking)
Passenger – Age 30s, White, male.  Plus size.  Falls asleep on the bus that the main character drives.

Mr. Montgomery – Age 50s, African American male.  He is the main character’s boss and fed up with his shenanigans.

Manager/Interviewer – Open.  Interviews the main character when he becomes unemployed

Little Person – Open.  Tough for his/her small size.  Works for a repo company.

Ms. Lucci – Age 20s to 30s.  African American, female.  Voluptuous stripper at the local nightclub.  She is ghetto but also about her money.

Glenna – Age 30s – 40s. Open Ethnicity, female. She is a nurse at a local blood bank that the main character frequents

Lounge Owner – Age 40s to 50s. Open, male.

Arabic store owner


Looking for featured extras for commercial (Roles have been filled)

Looking for featured extras for a commercial pitch on behalf of large client. Non-union.
Must be available this Saturday. Filming on Cleveland's west side.
*Male and female to portray couple eating in restaurant (age - early 30s)
*Several women to portray friends shopping at a retail store (age - mid to late 20's)
-*Male to portray rugged, outdoor type (age - 40s)
*Male or female voice over artist.

Send recent headshot, height, weight and contact info to for details.  For voice over, include sample. Place 'commercial pitch' in the subject line.

Make Some Extra Holiday Cash! Door Men Needed (Roles have been filled)
Calling Actors Looking to Make Some Holiday Cash!

We are seeking 2 individuals to portray Door Men this Holiday season for Tower City Corporation.

If you are polite, well spoken, energetic and able to interact well with customers, this is a great opportunity for you!

There are 2 positions open for approx 40 hours this holiday season.

Must be available from 12:30p to 4:30p on the following dates:

Friday, Nov 25
Saturday, Nov 26 (revised hours:  12:30p to 9:30p)
Saturday, Dec 3
Sunday, Dec 4
Saturday, Dec 10
Sunday, Dec 11
Saturday, Dec 17
Sunday, Dec 18
Friday, Dec 23 (revised hours:  11:30a to 3:30p)

Open age and ethnicity.  Must be able to fit a large top coat (chest size 42 to 44L)

Pay:  30/hr

To apply:  Send headshot and coat measurements ASAP to  Place 'Door Man" in the subject line.

Revlon is looking for Male Models for a paid hair demonstration (Roles have been filled)

Models will receive a live hairstyle/cut by American Crew in the iconic Elvis Presley pompadour!
Dates:  October 2 or October 3, 2016
Location:  TBD
Commitment:  2 to 3 hours
Age range:  18 to 45 years old
Hair type:  Caucasian, Asian or Hispanic hair
Hair Male Models-Need at least 3-4 inches of hair on the top and be willing to have it cut and styled by the American Crew team.
Attire: Black pants/black jeans, black socks, black shoes (converses are okay) and black t-shirt. Branded T-shirt will be provided.

REQUIREMENT:  Please forward (3) photos to  One of the photos must include a real-time image with today’s date on a note card, preferably front, facial and side facial view.

NOW CASTING (all roles have been filled)
Skip Thomas Productions has an exciting opportunity to shoot a trailer pitch for a Los Angeles based film company looking to make movies in NE Ohio.

Film Title:  Ohio Players
Synopsis:  An Ex-Special Forces soldier JACOB POTTER promises to look after the 12 year old daughter of his slain war buddy. However, the only way he knows how to provide for her is by taking illicit jobs.  As he struggles to re-adjust to civilian life, he finds that this new responsibility may be his most challenging job yet.   Just how far is he willing to go to keep his promise?
‘Ohio Player’ is set in Cleveland, Ohio and is sure to take audiences on a ride filled with action and laughs while putting a new dimension to the meaning of family.

Non-union.  All roles come with copy and credit.  Stipends offered for some roles. It is a movie trailer so lines are limited with an emphasis on facial expressions and body language.  We are also seeking skilled crew.  Must be available to shoot from Friday, September 9, 2016 through Sunday, September 11, 2016.
2 ways to audition:

1.  In person auditions:  Wednesday, August 31, 2016, 6:00pm to 8:00pm, HobbsStyle Casting Offices, 26250 Euclid Ave, Suite 211, Euclid OH 44132.  Please forward email to for an appointment time.  Make sure to include the name of the character you will be auditioning for.

2. Submit a video audition by Wednesday, August 31, 2016 at 9:00pm.  Cell phone quality is acceptable. Please send an email to for sides and further instructions.


Amber Mitchell (African American female)(age 35 to 45) - an attractive, no nonsense lesbian who runs a successful escort service. She is one of the main character’s best friends. Must be okay with profanity. **
Ricky Carr (Caucasian male) (age 40 to 45) -  athletic, kick ass Special Forces soldier. He is the best friend of the main character and the father of Blue.**
Blue Carr (Caucasian female) (age 10 to 13)- a bitter, street savvy girl with lots of attitude and dreams of becoming a professional tennis player.  She is Ricky’s daughter and the goddaughter of the main character.**
Boe (Caucasian male) (age 40 to 50) – a small time meth dealer.  He is also the boyfriend of Blue’s mom and drug supplier. **
Hillary (Caucasian female) (age 50 to 60) – well to-do, attractive social-ite.  Appreciates the finer things in life.**
Office Clerk (Open ethnicity female) (age 40 to 50) – no-nonsense clerk at the unemployment office.   She has seen and heard it all.**
Female client of escort service (Open ethnicity) (age 40 to 60) – she is a regular customer of Amber’s escort services and eager to date the main character. 
Marriage Counselor – (Caucasian male) (age 35 to 40)– owes a huge debt to a loan shark.  Must be okay with simulated fight scene.
Goon – (Open ethnicity) (age open)– muscular build. Performs private security detail for the senator.  Must be okay with simulated fight scene.
Lieutenant Barnes (Open ethnicity male) (age 50 – 55) – not opposed to unorthodox methods when dealing with peers or enemies.
Venessa (Open ethnicity) (age 25-35) – a high end escort working for Amber’s company.  She has found unscrupulous ways to make money on the side which puts her at odds with Amber.
Young Man – (Open ethnicity) (early 20’s) – Proud member of the LBGT community, sometimes likes to dress up in women’s clothing.  Runs errands for prominent and high profile businessmen.
Little Boy’s father - (Middle-eastern ethnicity) – (Age 30 to 40) – he is a hostage held by US soldiers
Little Boy –(Middle-eastern  ethnicity)  (age 5 – 7)– he is being used to extort information from his father
Extras –
Restaurant patrons
Club goers
Husband and wife at a counseling session
House Squatter (male, plus size)

**indicates stipend eligibility
NOW CASTING (All roles have been filled)

Seeking several experienced talent wranglers for a large scene filming in Cleveland Ohio in the month of April.  Must be available weekdays from 7am, up to 12 hours.  

Please send resume to  Place "Wrangler" in the subject line

NOW CASTING (All roles have been filled)

“In My Mind”, an exciting new stage play by Jenn Williams

Peter and Tristian appear to be a match made in heaven.  On the surface their relationship is the perfect love story, but behind closed doors Peter is struggling to hold his marriage together.  With an over-protective mother that is constantly involved in his business and a manipulative childhood sweetheart determined to win him back, Peter certainly has his hands full.  But when the manipulation turns criminal, will this marriage be strong enough to survive?
Playwright Jenn Williams brings to the stage “In My Mind”, a thrilling stage play that touches on the matters of the heart while exploring the trials, growth and triumphs of love and relationships.
Saturday, February 27, 2016                                                  
11:00am to 2:00pm
HobbsStyle CastingOffice
26250 Euclid Ave, Suite 211
Euclid, OH  44132
(inside the Euclid Medical Plaza)
Please forward headshot and resume to, put desired role in the subject line.
Character Descriptions:
Non-equity only actors.
All roles are paid: Scale is based upon experience and role requirements.
Show goes up June, 2016 at CSU Drinko Hall 
Must be available for evening and weekend rehearsals.
 --Peter (Main) age 25 - 40, African American, Male - a mama’s boy of sorts but is a standup guy, tall manly features.  Holds his friends close to his heart and loves his family.

--Tristian- (Main), age 25 - 40, African American, Female -  very family oriented, sweet/ soft spoken. 

--Kim- (Main), age 25 - 40, Open ethnicity, Female – Peter’s childhood sweet heart that is still in love with Peter and wants him back. Being able to sing preferred.

--Dawn- (Main) age 40+, African American, Female - Peter’s mom, she’s also a widow.  To cope she gravitates to her only son Peter and has an unfounded fear of losing him.

--Taylor- (featured), age 18-20, African American, Female -  Tristian’s younger sister. 

--Eileen- (Main) age 40+, , African American, Female - Mother of Tristian and Taylor.  Godly woman, very articulate.

--Charity- (featured) age 5-7, African American, Female – Tristian’s daughter from a previous marriage.

--Lay- (featured) age 25, Open ethnicity, Male – Peter’s coworker and close friend,

--Jacob (two lines)- Open age and ethnicity

**Also seeking several male singers - all ages and ethnicity

“Jada’s Journey” Launch Party - An Interactive Dinner Theater Event

STORY LINE: “Jada’s Journey” is a spicy drama about the trials, temptations, and triumphs of a young woman with big dreams of having a successful recording career as she struggles to hold on to her faith that is challenged by everything and everyone around her. ­This creative, interactive dinner theater event will have audiences laughing, crying, and giving God praise as they relate to a woman that wants to do right but realizes trouble is always present!

Written and Directed by award winning playwright, DaNine K. Ward: “The Blacker the Berry…”, “Is There a Man in the House?”, “The Real Hot Wives of Cleveland”, “Hootchie”, and more.

Brought to you by dkWard Quality Entertainment, “Jada’s Journey” Launch Party will feature scenes from the online drama that will be available to paid subscribers beginning February 2016. 
Non-equity only actors.

Payment: Stipends based upon experience, rehearsal requirements, and # of performances.

Show dates:  Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, Feb 12-14, 19-21, and 26-28. 
Must be available for evening and weekend rehearsals.

Jada (Leading Role) - 5’6”-5’9” - African-American female, strong vocalist, late 20’s/early 30’s, attractive, small to medium build.   Jada is strong and talented but sometimes finds herself struggling to balance her career, faith, and love.
Tracye (Supporting Role) - Open ethnicity female, late 20’s/early 30’s.  ‘Plain Jane’ type.  Although, she is less flashy and prefers sports to fashion, Jada considers her as a best friend. 
Brandon (Supporting Role) - African-American  male.  5’9”-5’11”, late 20s/early 30’s, very attractive.  Brandon is Jada’s smooth talking ex-boyfriend.
Sam (Supporting Role), African-American male, attractive, 5’8 to 5’9.  He is deeply rooted in the church and has a huge crush on Jada but hasn’t figured out how to get her attention.
DJ – Open ethnicity, He hosts karaoke night at the club (karaoke material/equipment is a plus)
Singers/Servers – Looking for singers with amazing voices of all ages to be added to the show.

Actors only:  Monday, November 23, 2015                                               
Singers only: Tuesday, November 24, 2015 (bring soundtrack)
6:00pm to 8:30pm
HobbsStyle CastingOffice
26250 Euclid Ave, Suite 211
Euclid, OH  44132
(inside the Euclid Medical Plaza)
Please forward full body shot and resume to to receive confirmation, sides (11/19), and rehearsal schedule. Place the role desired in the subject line.
SHORT FILM TAPING IN OHIO! (All roles have been filled)
A production company from Los Angeles will be in the southeast Ohio area (near Jackson, OH) filming a short film written by an Ohio native and Blacklist Screenwriter.  The film will be submitted to the Sundance Film Festival and is scheduled to film from August 10 through August 14.
Roles are non-union and paid.  If interested and available, please forward headshot and resume to  Make sure to place the character’s name in the subject line.  If selected, you will be forwarded sides and invited to submit a video audition. 
Character Descriptions:
COON, Age 14, white male, a slightly younger Jacob Loftland (Mud, Sons of Anarchy) would be the physical prototype, unique country kid look. He shouldn’t be too cute or traditionally good looking, a slight Appalachian accent preferred, must be okay with swearing, running a lot, riding a bike, being in water. Helps if he’s kind of a funny kid because Coon is the more fun-loving, immature, joking, prankster between the two brothers. (Will also consider actors over 18 that can play teenage roles)
BLAZE, age 17, white male. Think Tye Sheridan (Mud, Joe) but less sweet, with more toughness and edge. He shouldn’t be too cute or traditionally good looking, a slight Appalachian accent preferred, must be okay swearing, running a lot, riding a bike, being in water. Blaze is more serious, mature and moody. (Will also consider actors over 18 that can play teenage roles)
HARK, age 22-26, white male. Definitely looking for a Joe Cole or Jack O’ Connell type or a much younger Ben Mendholson type. A slight Appalachian accent preferred. Hark is a magnetic and charismatic personality but can easily switch to terrifying. He can scare you with a look, even when his voice is calm.
ZEKE, age 35-40, open ethnicity, male, 30’s, a slight Appalachian accent preferred. Wiry and imposing. A farmer who just wants to be left alone and doesn’t care for people trespassing on his property.
NOW CASTING FOR 'BANGER" A FEATURE FILM (All roles have been filled)
From the creators of “Secrets” and “3 Floor West”, comes this suspenseful thriller filming Spring/Summer 2015 in Cleveland, OH. 
“When a turf war between two street gangs leads to the death of a young Haitian immigrant, his mother conjures up a spell to bring her son back from the grave to exact revenge on those responsible. The code of the street is simple; stay true to the gang, stay focused on the streets - but most importantly, stay alive.”

This heart-stopping thriller, brought to you by Award-winning Filmmaker Mike Berry and Producer Tina Hobbs, will make audiences hold on to the edge of their seats.

Promo Trailer:
Main/Leading and Supporting Roles
Friday, February 6, 2015, from 6pm to 9pm &
Saturday, February 7, from 11am to 2pm
Featured Roles
Friday, February 13, from 6pm to 9pm
HobbsStyle Casting Office
26250 Euclid Avenue, #211 (In the Euclid Medical/Office Plaza)
Euclid, OH  44132
Sides may be found on the website:, tab "Audition Sides".  Due to time restraints, you will only be able to read for ONE character. However, you will be considered for other characters based on your audition.
Email for an appointment time:, place your character name in the subject line.
This is a non-union production. All roles will receive IMDB/Screen credit and craft services. Most roles are paid unless otherwise noted.
AUDITIONS for leading and supporting roles
Friday, February 6, 6pm to 9pm & Saturday, February 7, 11am to 3pm
Main Character (Paid Role)
Ishmel  –African American male, mid 20s/early 30s, lean, dark complexion, some skill in martial arts preferable (12-14 Days)
Leading Characters (Paid Roles)
Circus – White male, mid 20s/early 30s, wild, leader of the Skulls (9-10 Days)
Hip Hop – African American male, mid 20s/early 30’s, charismatic, power hungry  (6-7 Days)
Ayida Babet - African American Female, early/late 40s, dark complexion, Haitian descent, mother of Ishmel   (5-6 Days)
Barbara Stagnelli – Open Ethnicity female, early 30s, rookie detective (7-8 Days) - SORRY, THERE ARE NO MORE AUDITION SLOTS AVAILABLE FOR THIS ROLE
Lance Corbin – White male, late 40s/early 50s, hard nose detective (6-7 Days)
Supporting Characters (Paid Roles)
Greasy – African American male, Hip Hop’s 2 in command, heavy set, sloppy, early/late 30’s (4-5 Days)
Rico – African American male, Hip Hop’s chief enforcer, mid/late 20s, well built, handsome (4-5 Days)
Freddy G – African American male, late 20s/early 30s, comedic (4-5 Days)
Cassie - White female, mid/late 20s, pretty, slim, tough, girlfriend of Circus (7-8 Days)
Tommy Boy – White male, Skulls 2 in command, mid 20s/early 30s (7-8 Days)
Mr. Calvetti – Italian male, 40s/50s, clean cut, distinguished, owner of Sam’s Diner (1-2 Days, Paid)
AUDITIONS for featured  roles
Friday, February 13, 6pm to 9pm
Mr Lione – Italian male, powerful, early 40s/50s, handsome (1-2 Days, Paid)
Forensic scientist Doug Richards – Male, Open ethnicity, mid/late 30s, lean build (1 Day, Paid)
Dealer 1 & Dealer 2 – While male, 30s/40s, heavy/stocky build, southern accents, Hillbilly type, (1 Day-Unpaid)
Fazon – African American, 20’s, comedic but cocky, 12 block drug dealer (1 Day –Unpaid)
Boy hecklers - African American teenagers or early 20s in Ishmel’s neighborhood - (1 Day - Unpaid)
Waitress – Female, Open (1 Day – Unpaid)
Mr. Tolbert – African American, customer, 50s/60s.  (1 Day - Unpaid)
Morgue Worker (2) – Male, early/late 30s, open ethnicity, lean build (1 Day - Unpaid)
Cashier – White female, plus size, early 40s. (1 Day - Unpaid)
Detectives, Male/Female, Open Ethnicities, late 20s to late 40s (1 Day – Unpaid)
Featured/Non-speaking/Unpaid: - (no audition needed, forward headshot & resume)
Driver – White male, open age  (1 Day)
Chef – Male, open ethnicity (1 Day)
Mechanic, mid 20s/30s (1 Day)
Gang members, African American, 20s/30s (1 Day)
Police Officers, Open (1 Day)
Extras, all ethnicities and ages, for restaurant scenes and others (1 Day)
**BE A PART OF THE MOVEMENT! Skip Thomas Productions is dedicated to our community and have partnered with CMHA in a pledge to provide scholarships for youths interested in the entertainment industry. Contact us about being a sponsor and/or how you may donate time, service or make a monetary contribution towards this worthwhile project by emailing us at**
Skip Thomas Productions is gearing up for its next feature film production starting Spring 2015. We are looking for additional technical and experienced crew. Full-time personnel preferred. We are interested in gaffers/lighting techs, grips, score/music supervisors, FX Makeup artists, sound engineers and camera men. Send resume and availability (tentatively filming May and June 2015) to Place "Banger Crew" in the subject line.

TRAINING VIDEO (All positions have been filled)
Atlanta production company is looking for experienced actors for a training video series for the medical industry to be filmed in the Akron/Canton area on December 3 and 4. Must be available both days from 8am to 6pm. Pay is $250 per day. Union and non union welcome. Looking for the following open ethnicities:

-Male or female patient, 70s, slim build
-Male doctor, 30s-40s, tall, athletic buld
-Various nurses, 30s, medium to plus size
Please forward headshot AND resume to Place "Training Video" in the subject line. You will be contacted if selected by the director.

Fun, hip retailer is searching for cool young people to help showcase a new clothing line. One Day filming, paid role, on December 8. Ages 12 through 18 encouraged to submit. Producers will choose from headshots. Please forward headshot, age, height and weight to Place "Local Retailer" in the subject line.

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