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New Feature Film Combines Drama and A Cause To Deliver A Powerful Statement

CLEVELAND, OH – Skip Thomas Productions and Second Mark Media is set to premiere its newest feature-length dramatic film A State of Mind on Sat. June 20, 2020 at Regal Richmond Town Square in Richmond Heights, OH.

A State of Mind centers around Darius Thomas who has a family history filled with tragedy. Mental Illness has plagued Thomas men for three generations. A promising writing career threatens to be side lined as signs of depression once again rears its ugly head, this time taking aim directly at Darius. Struggling to deal with his new reality and surrounded by pressure from all sides, Darius must decide if he will face the beast head on…..or crash right into his family’s history.

The film was written and directed by award winning Director Mike Berry, best known for productions such as Banger, If You Knew Better, Hey Mr. Postman and Rent Due. “I'm really excited about this film because it allowed me to tackle the tough subject of mental health and be creative at the same time. I believe A State of Mind will entertain, impact and inform the audience, and that is the ultimate goal of any filmmaker”, says Berry.

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health estimate that there are 350 million people worldwide who suffer from depression. Berry, who also has a motivational speaking platform, is very familiar with the effects of this illness that affects so many but is discussed so infrequently. He has suffered from depression since the early 1990’s. It wasn’t until his bout with depression led him down a suicidal path that he decided to seek help and vowed to assist others in similar situations.

“We have assembled a phenomenal cast for this project,” says Tina Hobbs who is the producer and casting director, “utilizing talented local actors while sprinkling in Hollywood talent to create higher production value”. The film features well known actress Elise Neal, known for her roles in The Hughleys, Hustle and Flow and Logan. Local actors commanding the screen include Imani Khiry, Chanel Moore, Jason Floyd, Cameron Woods and Anthony Woods.

When asked about his role, leading actor Imani Khiry states, “It’s a great script, one that I knew would test my range and I was up for the challenge. The mental illness aspect is a backdrop, but the story has something for everyone complete with twists, turns and some really dramatic ups and downs. The audience will be entertained from beginning to end.”

Production for A State of Mind wrapped this past fall. Show times, ticket information and updates can be found at


Mike Berry is a writer, filmmaker and motivational speaker located in Ohio. Discovering that his life was spiraling into a dangerous downward path at an early age, Berry turned to the arts as a way of channeling his energy. His various accomplishments include recording a Top 100 Billboard Album and a Top 20 Billboard single as a rapper under the stage name of Big Gank, being one of the first unsigned artists to tour with MTV’s Rock-the-Vote campaign. In 2011, he began producing and directing award-winning screenplays including If You Knew Better, You’d Do Better, Banger and the TV Pilot, 3rd Floor West. Most recently, he re-launched his highly acclaimed novel The Dangerous Times through Oasis Publishing.

Diagnosed with depression early in life, Berry is committed to using his creative talents to assist others also suffering from this aliment. Berry founded The Release the Pressure Foundation in 2016, a non-profit organization created to bring awareness and support to individuals suffering from depression. Coupled with his motivational speaking platform, Berry has vowed to assist as many as he can to seek the needed help to live a fulfilling life.


Tina Hobbs is owner of HobbsStyle Casting & Production which houses all of her production services. She received her Bachelor’s of Business Administration degree from Cleveland State University and received her first taste of the entertainment industry as an actress in various film and theater projects. She quickly became interested in working behind-the-scenes which prompted her to become a casting director and producer.

Since 2011, her company has cast and produced numerous projects including feature films, short films, television shows, music videos and theater productions. Specializing in independent film, Tina hosts the bi-annual “Schmooze” which is a widely attended networking event designed to connect industry professionals.

Tina has over 21 years of analytical and strategic planning experience and is a member of African American Women in Cinema (AAWIC). She also has experience as a location scout and teaches Media and Filmmaking classes at Cuyahoga Community College for aspiring filmmakers. Tina is dedicated to developing quality global entertainment.

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